Scott Bateman
Scott Bateman
your personal graphic artist

Scott Bateman

your personal graphic artist


About Me

Developing his mind's eye since he was old enough to control a crayon, Scott has been on a journey of self discovery and outward expression since. Gravitating towards computers and the magic of digital art in his high school years he has tried to maintain a balance between traditional pen/pencil drawing and interpreting that via digital canvas all the while enhancing his wealth of knowledge in the print industry and refining his techniques and application. Although people fascinate him, they are not particularly his strong suit as subject matter, preferring organic tribalesque shapes and color mixed with mechanical and isolated contrasts.

I've created for:

Nike (Chicago)
Rockford Speedway
Crazy Times Pub & Grill
Northern Illinois University
Burger King (Rockford Franchise)
Maverick Media
People 2 People
St Jude's
Auburn High School
Jefferson High School
Belvidere High School
Davis Junction Middle School
Various local businesses
and others
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